About Tish Linstrom, M.A.

Tish has served women as a facilitator, guide and holistic psychotherapist for over 20 years. She’s had the irreplaceable privilege of catching women’s stories and getting to the heart of what truly feeds and fuels the feminine.

Tish weaves her work from extensive training and personal journeying in women's empowerment, holistic health and sacred feminine leadership; nature based guiding/mentoring, earth wisdom practices, ritual and shadow work (depth psychology).

She's known for her unique ability to fuse contemporary needs with timeless teachings--providing women with a deeply transformative, soul nourishing and empowering experience.

Tish honors her teachers, mentors and those who have influenced her work; Tom Brown/Tracker staff 1980's, Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes, ALisa Starkweather, Bill Plotkin (Animas), Rosemary Gladstar, Rocio Alarcon, Rosita Arvigo, Jon Young and 8 Shields. And more to come....with gratitude.

Tish has reached hundreds of women with her teachings, mentorships, retreats and writings.

She believes there is nothing more powerful, beautiful or vital than women embracing their whole nature, showing up fully in soul gifts, Vision and collaboration as way makers (keepers).

Because this serves life in all directions.

Praise from Women I have served...

"Tish brings so much wisdom and passion to her work and guides you back to your own truth, your own wisdom. I learned just how often I was looking outside of myself for approval and answers through my work with her. Now I feel connected to my gut, my knowing...and I built a Vision that comes from what I really want. All I can say is, she is a gift."~Carol C

"During our sessions it felt like Tish was activating something inside of me that had already been there but that I had somehow temporarily forgotten.  I had some major shifts during our quest together and I felt like I could really move through them knowing that I had a wise woman supporting me. " Nancy M

"Tish is an amazing, intuitive facilitator. Sessions with her were life changing for me. I've connected to myself and my art in a whole new way with a motivating map for taking it to a next level....I'm no longer a prisoner to perfection and that's priceless to me!" CY

"I felt like when I signed up I had no idea what my purpose (or passion) was and that was scary. Step by step, piece by piece I was given the chance to strip away the fears and blocks....and finally get to what I want, what I feel is my soul "mission" and take huge bold steps. I'm excited, confident.....what going for your dreams really means." NN

"I am so grateful....I have moved huge blocks and connected to what already exists in me...I feel my fire burning so strong. Huge gratitude for these teachings." Ami S

"Let me tell you, Tish is the real deal. If you're looking for something that gets you living your life, your big dream, sign-up. Her programs are chock full of the women's wisdom you've been out there looking for. But this time you get to learn how to come back to your wisdom, not some other ideal or image. It's about falling in love with you and what you need to live a new soul based way. Damn does it feel so so good. Finally." Sara V