Wild Awakening


A Spring Quest for Women

Are you feeling the call to say YES to a next step in your life?

Wanting to get really clear on your Vision, your core desires and create a strong beginning for what's next?

Time to release what's complete, stoke your creative fire and re-energize.

Spring calls us to come alive--to be wise in tending the seeds and beginnings of what we most want to create, establish and claim.

Here's a Quest for you to deeply connect to the inner/outer rhythms of Spring to bring your Visions to fruition - to get crystal clear on what you most want to create (claiming your YES) and the authentic action that will get you there without falling into depletion or overwhelm.

By tending Spring with intention and focus you create momentum to carry you right into Summer feeling energized, in aligned action and easily expanding on what you've been creating.

Though we may not live in sync with nature's rhythms all the time - when we come back to these seasons and cycles that also live within us- we find a vitality, clarity and creativity we've been longing for.

Spring it on.


What's Included in the Quest

~5 Private Wise Woman Sessions 

~Vision half day Retreat

~essential spring tools for vision and vitality

~Bonus resources and spring surprises



During our time together, we'll connect for 60 minute "Wise Woman Sessions" (5 sessions total) in my space in Burlington or online. These sessions are tailored to fit you and your needs so you get the most from your Quest. In each session, we’ll harvest what you've created, anchor in core tools and practices and look at what might be getting in your way. In between sessions you'll get resources and action steps to best support your progress/growing edges.


Vision half day RETREAT

We’ll meet for a half-day retreat where we'll craft your core Vision--diving into key design tools with a simple, easy to integrate plan to bring it fully forward. We'll also uncover and transform one or two of the most difficult patterns/barriers keeping you from getting where you most want to be. The breakthroughs and tool building from this incredibly nourishing and transformative day will support and guide you for months (even years) to come. 


Essential Spring Tools for Vision and Vitality

Here we honor and nourish your whole woman - knowing you are body, heart, soul, mind. Rather than seeing you in parts (and cause more energy drain) we look at Spring support from plants/foods, movement, energetics, emotions and soul care. We create a plan that feeds you and fuels your Vision and Vitality - with tips for moving into Summer.

Registration Details

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