A Revitalzing Retreat for Women


Are you the giver, doer and always on ?

Feel like operating in perfection or push mode is taking a toll on you?

If you’re craving your energy - your whole woman
thrive - this retreat is for you.

Come replenish, fill your tank and learn ways to
release from patterns or common traps that drain and deplete you.

*This retreat is known to leave women feeling energized, deeply nourished and

It’s your turn.


Reconnect to Your Feminine Roots of Vitality 


Reconnect to roots that help you to:

- Clean up chronic energy leaks + close old loops that drain you
- Use + manage your energy with greater clarity, precision
- Be clean, clear with boundaries + communication to create much more of what you want in your life (way less of managing what you don't want)
- Release from common traps + paradigms that keep you in perfection, over-giving, worry, pleasing

Together We Rise

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Circle up with other women ready to deeply nourish and replenish; release and reclaim. Together we remember how to feed our fires, honor our stories and lift each other up. We know trying to go it alone or stay in old paradigms (lone wolf, "island" woman) have routinely depleted and drained us--keeping us from our brilliance, our wisdom.

Time for You


Time to release from the narrative that our value is in our over-doing (caretaking, responsibility) so we can restore the sacred in our energy, connections and interdependence. Here we (re)learn how to untangle from common traps that keep us in over and go a new way where we honor our vitality and creativity as a fertile, life sustaining force. We remember our wisdom to replenish, connect and tend our creative fire is key to thriving relationships, vision and leadership.


Best Fit for You

NOURISHED: a half day retreat (with optional phase 2) held throughout Vermont check it out here

NOURISHED: a Friday-Sunday retreat held in Northern Vermont incorporating wise woman 7Roots~7Rhythms model, movement, nature based ritual, tending your creative fire - this retreat promises to be deep nourishment for body, heart, soul.

Ready to be Nourished?

*Please note there are no refunds on the half-day retreats